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Can You Build A Website for My Business?

With a free 30-minute consultation, we are able to get a better idea of what your web design needs are. We can then determine if we would be a good fit for your needs.

How Can I Establish My Brand?

We send you an in-depth questionnaire so that we can assess your brand needs. The questionnaire helps us provide you with the perfect branding solution.

How Can I Scale My Business Online?

We focus on creating websites that utilize standards-based design. Your website will be designed with one goal in mind – converting visitors to sales.

Services That We Provide

Custom Web Development

We use standards-based design so that your website looks good and perform well across all devices and screen sizes.

Brand + Logo Design

We provide custom brand and logo designs to ensure that your business is completely unique to you and no one else.

Social Media Marketing

We help you establish themes and strategies for social media to help you grow your influence and business.

Who Is

The History Behind African American Web Designers

African American Web Designers was created by Dr. Carlton Calhoun over 15 years ago. Initially, the goal was to provide affordable services to individuals and businesses who were in need of quality online branding and marketing services. In time, the agency became the go-to provider for businesses of all types, especially those within the African American business community and those who wanted to support the African American entrepreneur.

With a formal background in education, Carlton uses his gifts to educate, inspire, and provide opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs across the country. In addition to several awards, Dr. Calhoun was honored as “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta” and “A Leader of Excellence” by E3 Magazine. Carlton has also received numerous other civic, educational, and business awards. He is passionate about helping people succeed in the areas of business and personal finance. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, he is a proud father, an avid martial artist and weapons enthusiast, and self-proclaimed foodie.

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